Following is a vital message from Capt. Peter Grimbilas about the Pots Off the Reefs legislation that has a majority of the Assembly signed on as cosponsors, but won’t come to a vote before the last session concludes unless Speaker Sheila Oliver schedules it. You can send her an e-mail automatically and at no cost due to the cooperation of the American Sportfishing Association. Do so now — and also urge friends to do the same. If not passed in this session, everything will have to be done again from scratch in the next session.

PLEASE HELP NOW!   It takes only  30 seconds and will help all of NJ’s saltwater fishermen and women.

IMPORTANT!  Pass this along to your friends too!

I just took action in support of legislation that could prohibit the use of obstructive commercial traps on marine artificial reefs. I encourage you to do the same.

Please take action today.  It’s quick and easy:

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