Three more Co-Sponors added to Reef Bill!

 December 11, 2011
Press release
Belmar, NJ

The NJOA has been informed that three (3) new Assembly Co-Sponsors have signed on to Bill A1152, which prohibits the use of certain fishing gear on artificial reefs. The new total of Co-Sponsors is 54, which is more than 66% of the entire Assembly.

The new Co-Sponsors are: Dancer, Ron – District 30, Munoz, Nancy – District 21, and Webber, Jay – District 26.

Anthony P. Mauro, Chair, NJOA (CF), said, “Our thanks goes out to both the Senate, which overwhelmingly voted in favor of removing the traps from the reefs, and the Assembly with 54 co-sponsors of Bill A1152. To have 54 co-sponsors signed on to a piece of legislation is unprecedented for a fishing issue. It sends a clear message of strong support to have fixed gear, also known as traps, removed from artifical reefs.”

 Captain Pete Grimbilas, President, NJOA CF and Reef Rescue said, “It  is interesting, but not surprising, that support for the Traps Off the Reefs  bill is coming from all over the state, even up in northern counties. The reasons are clear; people from all over New Jersey visit the shore to go fishing and when they experience the problems caused by traps they react by contacting their legislators. Recreational fishermen and women understand that it is their tax dollars that fund the reefs and not the commercial industry, an industry that covers nearly all of the reef structures with traps and lines. Our legislators are responding because they understand that removing the traps is the right thing to do.”      

The NJOA (CF) asks that people take a moment to thank Assembly representatives for recognizing that removing fixed gear (traps and pots) is the right thing to do.

 An Action Alert will follow shortly instructing people to ask Speaker Oliver to allow a floor vote on Bill A1152, prohibition of certain gear on the artificial reefs.

 The list that follows includes the Assembly members who are Primary Sponsors and Co-Sponsors of Bill A1152.

 Assembly Sponsors and Co-Sponsors:

Rible, David P. as Primary Sponsor (R)
Angelini, Mary Pat as Primary Sponsor (R)
Albano, Nelson T. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Wolfe, David W. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Holzapfel, James W. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Diegnan, Patrick J., Jr. as Co-Sponsor (D)
McHose, Alison Littell as Co-Sponsor (R)
Greenwald, Louis D. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Rumana, Scott T. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Amodeo, John F. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Voss, Joan M. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Wagner, Connie Co-Sponsor (D)
DeAngelo, Wayne P. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Casagrande, Caroline as Co-Sponsor (R)
DiCicco, Domenick Jr as Co-Sponsor (R)
O’Donnell, Jason as Co-Sponsor (D)
Chiusano, Gary R. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Handlin, Amy H. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Giblin, Thomas P. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Peterson, Erik as Co-Sponsor (R)
Jasey, Mila M. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Biondi, Peter J. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Lampitt, Pamela R. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Vandervalk, Charlotte as Co-Sponsor (R)
Conners, Jack as Co-Sponsor (D)
McKeon, John F. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Delany, Patrick as Co-Sponsor (R)
Rudder, Scott as Co-Sponsor (R)
Benson, Daniel R. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Huttle, Valerie as Co-Sponsor (D)
Russo, David C. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Quijano, Annette as Co-Sponsor (D)
Quigley, Joan M. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Prieto, Vincent as Co-Sponsor (D)
Cryan, Joseph as Co-Sponsor (D)
Coughlin, Craig J. as Co-Sponsor (D)
DeCroce, Alex as Co-Sponsor (R)
Schroeder, Robert as Co-Sponsor (R)
Thompson, Samuel D. as Co-Sponsor (R))
Malone, Joseph R., III as Co-Sponsor (R)
Bramnick, Jon M. as Co-Sponsor (R)
O’Scanlon, Declan J., Jr. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Carroll, Michael Patrick as Co-Sponsor (R)
Bucco, Anthony M. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Fuentes, Angel as Co-Sponsor (D)
Burzichelli, John J. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Coutinho, Albert as Co-Sponsor (D)
Ramos, Ruben J., Jr. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Chivukula, Upendra J. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Spencer, L. Grace as Co-Sponsor (D)
Conaway, Herb, Jr. as Co-Sponsor (D)
Munoz, Nancy F. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Dancer, Ronald S. as Co-Sponsor (R)
Webber, Jay as Co-Sponsor (R)

You can contact your Assemblyperson and ask that they become a Co-Sponsor too – or thank them if they are already a Primary Sponsor or Co-Sponsor by taking the following steps:

1. Go to the following link and click on the town where you live.

2. Click on the District where you live.
3. Call the phone number next to your Assembly representatives (there are two).
4. Ask them to be a Co-Sponsor of Bill A1152 (Prohibits the use of certain fishing gear on artificial reefs). Let them know that you support Bill A1152.

It’s that easy.

NJOA (CF) Council members supporting “Traps Off the Reefs” are:

– New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
– Reef Rescue
– NJ Council Diving Clubs
– Jersey Coast Anglers Association
– NJ Trout Unlimited
– NJ Beach Buggy Association
– Hudson River Fishermen’s Association
– Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association
– Jersey Coast Shark Anglers
– Cape May County Party & Charter Boat Association
– NJ State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs
– Hi-Mar Striper Club

            Non Council Members supporting “Traps Off the Reefs”:

– Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County
– The Regency Fishing Club
– Manasquan Fishing Club
– Sunrise Bay Anglers Fishing Club
– Village Harbour Fishing Club
– Penn-Jersey Saltwater Anglers
– Absecon Saltwater Sportsmen
– South Jersey Saltwater Anglers 
– Forked River Tuna Club
– Newark Bait and Flycasting Club
– Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club 
– There are additional saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, hunting and conservation groups that support “Traps Off the Reefs.” The list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance 
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects