On behalf of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors, we would like to thank Gene Graman and Andy Knouse for putting together another great event !!

To recap and congratulate once again our 2016 Award Winners:

Largest Striped Bass: Gene Graman  36lbs

Largest Striped Bass Tagged and Released:  Jeff Sutton / 45.5″

Most Tagged Fish:    Jeff Sutton with 20 & 1 returned tag

Largest Sea Bass:   Steve Webber   3.29 lbs

Largest Bluefish:  Jeff Sutton 19.7 lbs

Largest Fluke:  Tim Behany 10.67 lbs

Angler of The Year:   Steve Machalaba

Sportsperson of the Year: This years award was shared by Andy Knouse and Carlos Claudino


Here’s to another great year at the Hi-Mar Striper Club !

Tight lines,

Casey Campi (2015/2016 Hi-Mar Club President)