The Hi-Mar Striper Club would like to thank EVERYONE — especially our Sponsors !!

This years contest featured 33 boats and some overall nice weather and calm seas. Most of the fish caught came at first light or late in the day. Ten fish weighed in over 30 lbs with five of those striped bass being released alive (nice job guys!)

Largest striped bass weighed in: 49.1 lbs

Here are our winners:

1st Place: Fin Chaser II: 90.5 lbs (Largest striped bass @ 49.1 lbs)
2nd Place: Billy The Kid: 78.6 lbs
3rd Place: Hog Tide: 74.1 lbs
4th Place: O’Malley’s Ocean Pub: 64 lbs
5th Place: Gannet: 63.4 lbs

*combined two fish weight

Lady angler award: 36.8 lbs / Agnes Blizniak